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Waynesboro Golf & Games has assembled a custom Night Golf Kit for night golf enthusiasts. Based on our extensive testing, the Night Golf Kit sets you up for an awesome, hassle-free night golf experience. Makes a unique gift for golfers as well.

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Product Description

After extensive Night Golf testing, we’ve assembled a kit that has everything we wanted during our time on the course. Each kit includes:

  • 2 Night Flyer LED Constant On Golf Balls
    All of these balls are white like a normal golf ball, but you get to choose your glow color. White, Green, Yellow, and Pink are the current options we’re offering as they are the most visible LED balls. The Night Flyer LED Balls retail for $13/each at Dick’s Sporting Goods and about $7.30/each online when you include shipping.
  • A 10 LED Headset
    Pivoting, adjustable, head clip with super bright LED lights and 3 mode switch (4 LED, 10 LED, 10 LED Flashing)
  • 4 Bug Repellant Wipes
    Deet free insect repellant
  • A Night Golf VIP card
    Only valid for Waynesboro Golf & Games – Gives you 10% off all future night golf greens fees.
  • 1 Pack of Eclipse Gum
    Seemed like the most appropriate gum for playing under the stars.
  • 6″ Premium Glow Stick

We have a limited number of Night Golf Kits in stock, so act quickly or you’ll be scrambling to find these items on your own.

Additional Reading: Learn more about Night Golf in Waynesboro, Virginia.

Additional information

Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 7.25 x 4.75 x 1.75 in


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