Play Night Golf in Waynesboro

Waynesboro Golf & Games offers great entertainment long after the sun sets.

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Why Night Golf?

When we began renovations of the Shield’s Par 3 Course back in summer 2013, curious minds stopped by with one consistent question: “When will you bring back night golf?”

The answer is now.

We’ve worked hard to get the fairways back to where they need to be, and we’ve done our homework to prepare the course for an awesome night under the stars. You’re going to love the unique night golf experience.

To the best of our knowledge, there are no night golf options within 90 miles of Waynesboro, so if you’re looking for something new to enjoy with family and friends — night golf is a great option.

A Quick History

Back in 80s, night golf in Waynesboro consisted of a plastic golf ball that housed a 1.5″ glow stick. Although the experience was lots of fun, these glow balls could be difficult to find in the rough and they didn’t fly the same way that a real ball would (since they were made of plastic). The pin was lit with a single glow stick placed near the flag.

If you’re all about the vintage experience, you can still buy the original glow balls. However, we’ve decided to kick things up a notch. Our exclusive Night Golf Kit will make the experience worth every dollar.

When Will Night Golf Start?

Night Golf will begin on Friday, June 2. Join us on Friday and Saturday nights (weather-permitting) up through the end of August.

Please Note: At 10pm, we no longer allow new golfers onto the course. Make sure you’re at the course before 10pm to guarantee your chance to play.

Night Golf will continue every Friday and Saturday (weather-permitting) until the end of August.

What Should I Bring?

Money, family, friends, and clubs (8, 9, pitching wedge, and putter should do – you can also rent clubs for $4/set). You may want bug spray and/or a flashlight.

Watch the Pros Play

What Does it Cost?

Night Golf is $9/person unless you purchase a Night Golf Kit. Those who purchase a Night Golf Kit receive a Night Golf VIP Card which includes a permanent 10% discount on their night golf entry fee.

Please Note: Because of the space and time limitations of Night Golf, there are no senior discounts. All participants will pay $9 unless they purchase a Night Golf Kit.

Why Should I Purchase Some Stupid Kit?

Another great question. The Night Golf Kit — priced at $25 — gives you everything you need to get started with Night Golf. It includes:

If you tried to assemble this kit on your own — and you are more than welcome to do so — you would pay at least $40.

After extensive course testing, we’ve assembled a kit that has everything we wanted during our time on the course. You can purchase yours using the link below.

See What Other Night Golfers Have to Say

The latest glowing balls and accessories make night golf more fun than ever.

David Owen, Golf Digest

I love how clearly you can see the trajectory of the shots...


I have been using (Night Flyer golf balls) for a year now to play par 3 courses at night with my co-workers and kids. They are a blast.


I love night golf...your vision gets accustomed to the darkness and you see these glowing lighted balls flying around all over the course from other groups...I feel like I am playing on the moon or something.

Mad Max

It was awesome. We loved it.

We'll be back next Friday.

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