Waynesboro Par 3 Golf Course Overview

Our Par 3 golf course in Waynesboro, Virginia is a great place for beginners to learn the fundamentals of golf or for advanced players to improve their short game – arguably the most important aspect of golf.

Budget-Friendly Public Golf in Waynesboro

We’re proud to offer affordable public golf in Waynesboro without sacrificing quality. Golfers can expect freshly mowed grass on a course that is both beautiful and serene.

The layout of the course includes rolling hills and established trees. There are several elevation changes on the course, which means golfers get a nice little workout as they play. Holes 4 & 7 are the longest (and probably the most challenging) on the course. Most of the greens are smaller, so precision is important for those who plan to shoot par.

Our laid back atmosphere means that you don’t need to get dressed up or pretend that you’re a professional golfer. Our Waynesboro Golf Course is open to golfers of all skill levels, and you don’t need to schedule a tee time.

Come enjoy a peaceful round of golf at a price that won’t break the bank.

Click on the map to see the course layout in more detail.

Par 3 Yardages

Hole 1 – 75 yards
Hole 2 – 100 yards
Hole 3 – 57 yards
Hole 4 – 113 yards
Hole 5 – 90 yards
Hole 6 – 95 yards
Hole 7 – 125 yards / 65 yards (alternate tee)
Hole 8 – 78 yards
Hole 9 – 70 yards

Total Yardage: 803 yards

A Brief History of Waynesboro’s Par 3 Golf Course

Some may remember this property as Shield’s World of Golf or Scotto’s World of Golf. When we arrived in June of 2013, we began pouring energy into a course that needed more attention.

Thanks to the efforts of Mr. John Allen, willing volunteers, and several gracious sponsors, the conditions of the golf course have been drastically improved.

Specific Improvements Include:

  • Greens reseeded with bentgrass
  • Tee box renovations
  • Addition of ball washers and trash receptacles
  • Pond enhancements

Putting has improved drastically since we took over, so if you haven’t stopped by in a while, you need to see the greens for yourself.

Course Regulations

  1. All players must register in the clubhouse.
  2. Groups of 3 or 4 permitted. Never more than 4 players at any time.
  3. Each player must have a set of clubs. Rental clubs are available for $4.
  4. Shirts should be worn at all times.

Course Etiquette

  1. Players should take care of the course by replacing divots and repairing ball marks on the greens. Keep clubs off the greens. Use care when handling the flagstick near the hole.
  2. Be courteous to others by allowing faster golfers and groups to play through.
  3. When players complete play on each hole, they should replace the flagstick and leave the putting area at once.
  4. Players should call “Fore” loudly if there is danger of hitting other players.

Quick Links

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Par 3 Rates

9 Holes – $9/adults, $7 for juniors (4-12) and seniors (60+)
18 Holes – $15/adults, $13 for juniors and seniors
Play All Day – $20

Club Rental – $4
Pull Cart Rental – $2
Golf Cart Rental – $5/person (only 1 cart available)

Season Passes Available
12 Game Pass – $90 ($18 savings)
Annual Pass – $280

Honor Box Available
Those wishing to play the Par 3 can play before hours, but money must be deposited in the Honor Box on the back side of the building.

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